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Home >> True Baoding travel guide and tour

True Baoding

True BaodingLocated in the city really ding Ridge Mountains, located in the state, resources County at the junction, elevation 2,123 meters, second only to MAOERSHAN, South China's second highest peak. Mountains rare trees, vegetation, mostly low humilis, steep slope were more than 70 degrees. Looking to the day from the true treasure atop Lake, visible in the rolling hills dotted with several reservoirs, the scenery spectacular exception. On sunny days, at the top you can see the true treasure MAOERSHAN and Xing'an county resources, it is compressed to produce a temporal illusion.

Interestingly, in the south, the same resources at the junction of County and Quanzhou County, as well as an elevation of 1911 meters of the mountain, named Baoding, just lost a real word, in the county resources, when asked about the real treasure top when will you point to Bonding, because real ding In addition to the climbers and people living in the mountains around, few people landed, and Baoding has been developed as a tourist area, Yamashita Bodine also has a famous waterfall, private guided Guilin day tour and more built in the Tang Dynasty Baoding Temple (Sino-Japanese War were destroyed), all true legends Monk - land. Full true monk called Amitayus, real name Zhou Ting, Hunan Zixing people. Full true monk Birth records 140 years old, because of the history of China's oldest documented person, so people respectfully life of Buddha.

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