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Home >> Xicheng Walking Street sightseeing information

Xicheng Walking Street

Xicheng Walking StreetWest Road Pedestrian Street, dining, entertainment, shopping in one. Gourmet snacks, specialty apparel, individual shops and Jacuzzis. The busiest hours in the evening, when night falls, transformed into a pedestrian street night market, a variety of other characteristics Huanpei jingle array of goods, as well as to show the production of handicrafts stalls, enrich your nightlife.

Guilin tours to Zhengyang Road following the second set of leisure, shopping, dining in one of the pedestrian street. West Street very unique, antique street construction, leisure granite stone road, in addition to an array of tourist goods stores, clothing stores, shoe designer has a lot more features many local restaurants, such as Forrest Gump, bread and water ..... Guilin has a strong local characteristics.

Night supper stalls business is booming, the whole street set off prosper. Original by Guilin Zhongshan Road night market move like this, a small vendors a way to light up the whole, is truly exciting, play food and clothing have all, is a good place to rest at night when the tourists strolling. Night market stalls including arts and crafts, souvenirs, commodities, civil snacks, numerous, arouses stop, or ask price, or turnover, night markets have extended to midnight every day until closing. Here visitors can enjoy the warm hospitality of Guilin, and can buy cheap affordable, but it is like a small gift back to gift friends and family.

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