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Home >> Guilin Tours >> China Photography Tour Packages, Photo Shooting Trip Travel To Yangshuo, Longsheng, BaJiaoZhai Geography Park

Guilin Photography Tour

Renowned for its green mountains, clear water and strangely shaped rock formations, Guilin is excellent for photo shooting, and Yangshuo is good for an outdoor adventure. offers private Guilin photography tour with the aim to help any photographer capture great images of Guilin in a relaxed atmosphere. Guided Photo tours to the great locations in Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng and Sanjiang for wildlife, landscape and cultural photography.

Take our Guilin photography tour to explore the beautiful city by visiting Elephant trunk hill , Reed flute cave, and Li River flows through Guilin and Yangshuo, with fascinating Karst peaks along the way. The wonderful Longji Rice Terraces in the minority mountain area has never failed to amaze its travellers. Our Guilin Photography tour Package will offer you kinds of choose.

Li River Xin huangbutan

Guilin Photo Tours

PTO_05: 5 Days China Photography Tour To Guilin, Yangshuo, Li River, Longsheng Rice Terraces, Sanjiang

PTO_01: 3 Days China Photography Tour: Guilin, Xingping And Yangshuo

PTO_04: 4 Days Guilin Photography Tour: Yangshuo, Xingping And Longji Terraced Fields

PTO_03: 2 Days Guilin Li River And Yangshuo Photography Tour

PTO_02: 4 Days Guilin Photography Tour: Yangshuo, Xingping And Jinkeng Rice Terraces

PTT_03: 4 Days Guilin Photography Tour To Xingping, Yangshuo And Longsheng

PTT_02: 4 Days Guilin Photography Tour To Xingping, Yangshuo, Longsheng, BaJiaoZhai Geography Park

PTT_01: 5 Days China Guilin Photography Tour To Xingping, Yangshuo, Huangyao, Longsheng

Longsheng Rice Terraces

Longsheng Rice Terraces


Guilin Travel Attractions
Li River
Longji terraced fields
Elephant Hill
Reed Flute Cave
Folded Brocade Hill
Mausoleum of Ming prince
Sun-Moon Towers
Lingqu Canal
Maozhou Island
Seven Star Park
Fubo Hill
Yuzi Sculpture Park
Jiangtou Ancient Village
Yaoshan Mountain
Palace of Ming Prince
Guilin Gui Opera
Fengyu Cave
Two Rivers and Four Lakes
Yueling Ancient Village
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Daxu Ancient Town
Merryland Golf
Silver Cave
Gaotian Village
Fuli Town
Yulong River
Xingping Village
Impression Liusanjie
Longmen Water Cave
Crown Cave
Fengyu Cave
Yuzi Sculpture Park
Gudong Scenic Region
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