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Guilin Travel information Guilin is one of the popular travel destinations in China. It is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region southwestern China, with a history of more than 2,000 years. The city covers 565 square kilometers, with a population of 600,000. Guilin is hailed by many as the most beautiful place in China and is one of the "must-see" destinations for most foreign tourists. According to an old Chinese saying, "Guilin's scenery tops all others under heaven." Its fantastic green karst peaks, shapely-rising limestone towers and crystal-clear rivers are often portrayed in Chinese artworks. Adding to its natural beauty are many fascinating caves.

Guilin lies in a basin surrounded by the Yuecheng Range, Haiyang Mountain, Jiaqiao Range and Tianping Mountain. The altitude is 140-160 meters. Karst caves and stone forests feature the wonderful natural ecological environment of Guilin. Li River is meandering through Guilin from north to south, passing through Yangshuo, Pingle and Zhaoping, and finally meets the Xi (West) River at Wuzhou. The 83-kilometer-long section between Guilin and Yangshuo is the highlight and the most beautiful part. The plants in Guilin belong to the southern green plants of the sub-tropical evergreen forests, with a variety of 2,329 species, which fall into 247 divisions and 969 sections. There are 1,593 kinds of animals in Guilin, falling into 60 divisions and 295 subdivisions.

In 1985 and 1991, Guilin mountains and rivers ranked the second place both in the top ten places of Interests and in the Forty Best Tourism Attractions in China. In 1998, China National Tourism Administration conferred Guilin as one of the Top Tourist Cities in China.

What Is The Best Time To Travel To Guilin?

Guilin sits in a subtropical monsoon zone with a warm and moist climate, which is moderate all year round. However be prepared for a bit of rain, with annual precipitation amounts of 1900mm. The average temperature all year round is 19°C(66F). The coldest temperatures occur in January at 8°C(46F) and the hottest occur in July at 28°C(82F). The best time to travel to Guilin is from April to October.

Average temperatures in Guilin during each month of the year

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Highest (F) 53 53 62 72 81 87 91 92 87 78 68 58
Average Highest (C) 12 13 17 22 27 31 33 33 31 26 20 15
Average Lowest (F) 41 44 51 60 68 74 77 76 71 63 53 44
Average Lowest (C) 5 7 11 16 20 23 25 24 22 17 12 7
Rainfall (in) 2.0 3.4 5.0 10.0 14.0 13.5 8.7 6.8 3.0 3.5 2.7 1.8
Rainfall (mm) 52.5 87.5 127.5 252.5 357.5 342.5 222.5 172.5 77.5 87.5 72.5 47.5


Maps For Guilin Travel

Guilin Map
Guilin City Map
Li River Map
Yangshuo Map

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Guilin Attractions

Elephant Trunk Hill Elephant Trunk Hill
Elephant Trunk Hill is located on the western bank of Li River Scenery, at the confluence of Li River and the Peach Blossom River (Taohuajiang). It obtained its name because the mountain resembles closely an elephant stretching its nose drinking water on the river bank. It is known as a symbol of Guilin landscape.
Folded Brocade Hill Folded Brocade Hill
The Wind Cave en route to the top has Ming- and Song-era poetry inscribed on the walls, and Buddhist sculptures, some of them damaged by the Red Guards. The twin peaks of the 73-m high hill are named Bright Moon Crane and Seeing Around the Hill. Both offer views of the city and the river.
Reed Flute Cave Reed Flute Cave
The stalagmites and stalactites of this cave are magically lit, and present an extraordinary underground vista. The great limestone galleries lead to petrified accretions that have adopted fantastical shapes over the millennia. All have names, and some of them are clearly as described, while others are fanciful or depend on poetic licence.
Boat trip on the Li River Li River
Li River is regarded as the essence of Guilin scenery and has long been famous and known to all over the world. With its amazing beauty, this pearl is authorized to be shown in the first batch of state-level scenic area list by State Council as early as in 1982. What more, in 2007, Li River is approved as one of the national 5-A scenic spots.
Guilin travel to Seven Star Park Seven Star Park
The park gets its name from its peaks being aligned more or less in the same configuration as the stars of the Plough in the Ursa Major (Great Bear) constellation. Adjacent to the park are stone stelae (standing stones) carved with calligraphy at the Guilin Forest of Stone Inscriptions. The Guilin Zoo is also here.
Yangshuo Yangshuo
Yangshuo is where cruises downriver from Guilin finish. The town has the same advantages as Guilin, in terms of its location among the limestone hills, but without the hassles, hype, and overcharging of that city. The Yangshuo waterfront, however, is a noisy tourist-trap of souvenir stalls and photogenic cormorant fishermen who want payment for pictures taken. Away from the riverside, the village lives up to its 'more genuine' reputation, and is a good place for strolling around. On the Li River, some 80km south of Guilin. The bus from Guilin takes less than 2 hours.

More Guilin Travel Attractions

Other Related Guilin Travel Information

Guilin Travel InformationWith a total population of 4,951,100 in the city and surrounding areas, Guilin is currently home to 12 ethnic nationalities. 8.5% of the population is made up of 11 minority nationalities including Zhuang, Hui, Yao and Dong etc..

Main Districts
Guilin covers an area of 27,809 square km and has 5 districts (Diecai, Qixing, Xiufeng, Xiangshan, Yanshan) and 12 counties (Yangshuo, Lingui, Lingchuan, Xing’an, Quanzhou, Ziyuan, Longsheng, Yongfu, Lipu, Gongcheng, Pingle and Guanyang).

Local snacks include Rice Noodle and Nun Noodle. Delicacies of Guilin include chestnut glutinous rice dumplings, stewed duck with gingko, lotus-leaf duck and stewed duck with ginger.

Performances in Guilin are as refreshing as its natural beauty. Liu Sanjie, a cultural performance directed by famous Chinese Director, Zhang Yimo, stages more than 600 local fishermen in the natural landscape of Yangshuo. The one-hour performance will surely be an eye-opener.


Guilin Travel Attractions
Li River
Longji terraced fields
Elephant Hill
Reed Flute Cave
Folded Brocade Hill
Mausoleum of Ming prince
Sun-Moon Towers
Lingqu Canal
Maozhou Island
Seven Star Park
Fubo Hill
Yuzi Sculpture Park
Jiangtou Ancient Village
Yaoshan Mountain
Palace of Ming Prince
Guilin Gui Opera
Fengyu Cave
Two Rivers and Four Lakes
Yueling Ancient Village
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Daxu Ancient Town
Merryland Golf
Silver Cave
Gaotian Village
Fuli Town
Yulong River
Xingping Village
Impression Liusanjie
Longmen Water Cave
Crown Cave
Fengyu Cave
Yuzi Sculpture Park
Gudong Scenic Region
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