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Home >> Chaoranpai Drifting tourist information

Chaoranpai Drifting

Chaoranpai DriftingGrand Canyon rafting camp located transcendent in South of Britain Maoer Mountain northern foot of Guilin, 80 km away from the city, is the Lijiang River, Xun River, Sanjiang funding source. Lu Ting had written famous old mountain community, praised Maoer Mountain old mountain community of Tarzan of the male, Huashan risk, Lushan quiet, Jiuzhaigou of the show.

Maoer Mountain source in Lijiang whitewater rapids of varying gap by boats down the river, through rapids and shoals of the more passionate, but also a source of cross-strait panoramic scenery of Lijiang poetic. Allowing you to fully enjoy the fun like mineral water like rafting. Grand Canyon rafting camp aloof (3.5 km, about 40 minutes) without any artificial line repairs, carried out in full accordance with the original river, Qinliang spring water, and then you put on a life jacket and helmet protection, you can Rebel source of Lijiang. Sources in the beautiful Li River boat trip, at the foot of Maoer Mountain, Holiday Villa sent from aloof from drift along the whitewater rapids of varying gap by boats down the river, through rapids and shoals of the more passion, all the way to feel beautiful panoramic view of the two sides poetic.

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