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Home >> Chuanshan Park tourist information

Chuanshan Park

Chuanshan ParkChuanshan Park located on the east coast of the Lijiang River, about 3 km from the city center, with a total area of 53.8 hectares, the park has mountains, Tashan, lunar rocks, worn rock, life pagoda and other scenic spots, Xiaodongjiang north to south, through the mountains and Tashan song between.

Guilin travel is one of the famous mountains, ancient, prestigious. Its peak there is a piercing, empty out a perfect circle, like a moon hanging, called moon rock; due to its north and south penetrate, also known as wearing rock, mountains, hence the name. Mountains size of more than 30 caves, of which the most beautiful to be found in the number of 1979 through the rock. It is, after Guilin Seven Star Crags, Reed Flute Cave, another large-scale landscape. Total length of 517 meters caves, run 248 meters, temperature maintained at around 22 degrees Celsius, cool in summer and warm in winter. Exquisite stalactite cave, stalagmites, Shiman, stone shield dazzling, beautiful, shining brilliantly in particular that goose pipe, curling stone sticks, white transparent crystal stone, stone flower hair, unique rock formation wear the four characteristics, with high ornamental and scientific value. Thus, through the rock was hailed as the world's rare magical crystal treasure cave. The Chuanshan Park with green grass, pine and bamboo, flowers are blooming, elegant environment. On steep Tashan, a seven-story building Ming Dynasty hexagonal solid life pagoda, towering, reflecting the river, elegant elegant, Tashan clear shadow as one of the eight famous old Guilin.

In the mountains through the rock mountain and a half away from the City, the volume of irregular holes, length of 1531 meters, the main tunnel 348 meters long, 3 to 5 meters wide, 30 meters at its widest point, the highest point of 30 meters, an area of 0.96 hectares. Formed at 34,000 years ago, in 1977 found that open up, the rock turns loopback, splendor, Swan Bay, shuiliandong, even heart stone shield, Interfax walls, trees Ping, curling stone, hollow stone, diamond sword, pearl turtles and other 25 spots. Swan Bay area, clusters of rod-shaped stalactite is known as goose control or stone tube, there are more than ten centimeters long, tens of centimeters, the longest more than 1 meter. It is full of calcium carbonate from the groundwater seeping from the rock slit, the suspended roof, due to the high concentration of small fissures, not hanging down too, with the evaporation of water, carbon dioxide overflow, re-crystallization of calcium carbonate, again and again, gradually formed the length does not First, the crystal through the tube to empty. Sky area, there are many called iceberg snow lotus, ravine Orchids stone sticks, and some, like petals, some like fluff, sprouts or pine needles. Its causes vary, there is that with goose control with, there is said to be caused by adsorption of rock table.

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