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Home >> Xingping Town travel information and tour

Xingping Town

Xingping TownXing Town is located in the northeast of Yangshuo, 25 kilometers from the county, the Lijiang River in this around a big bend. Xingping yard, scenic blend of stone alleys expanse Uva is the most beautiful coastal town of Lijiang.

Xingping town now there are numerous monuments, mainly concentrated in the dike of Xingping Streets and Xuchang about two kilometers away from the fishing village. The area west of the Lijiang River, north of the river spots back, boy mountain, southeast of the ancient ruins of Kihei county lions once and Fingers, day kiosk, an area of 4.5 hectares. Here's bridges, Ferries, gutting, the ancient stage, the temple, the ancient village, trees and ancient village buildings, more complete history of the environment to maintain the original style, immersive, you can still enjoy the Street long, deep guxiang charm.

Xingping Streets is a 1 km long multi-stone street. Xingping town from the southeast to Lijiang River cruise tours Banyan Lake, Ferries dock, easy to residents, merchants and from the provinces on both sides of the ancient streets of the Guildhall, the ancient buildings of various types of brick structure now mostly preserved. Streets southeast lion denier Kihei county sites. Now the walls outline is still clear, you can see remnants of ancient ceramic tiles, but the original people traveling to and from Man, the bustling town, now showing a pack of Castle faint, several cottages in quiet atmosphere. It is puzzling that the legend when the county built the kind of strain before 8 encircle the ancient banyan tree, is still flourish, its roots virtues of five Buddha, a piece weighing about 20 tons of large stones tree swallow, as if to tell people the history of the ancient town of one thousand seven hundred and thirty years of vicissitudes.

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