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Home >> Zijiang Drifting tour guide

Zijiang Drifting

Zijiang DriftingZi River County 's greatest resource is the territory of a river, the first peak originated in southern Shandong cat Mountains, vast north, flowing into Hunan Province, and finally into the Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River. Owned river rafting river downstream 5 km from the county seat to Hujia Tian Mei Township, the entire 22.5 kilometers, the next 45 beaches, 31 Po Bay, both their own unique majestic mountains, there are the pure beauty of Lijiang. Famous poet He Jingzhi praised Capital River rafting, south of the first. Owned Riverbanks good vegetation protection, flow, velocity is relatively stable, like a jade belt shuttling between the odd mountain mountains.

River rafting scenery of capital, as if into a long gallery landscape. Cross peaks towering, rugged rock formations, misty clouds, bamboo Cong, flowers are blooming, low-flying waterfowl, Yingti mildly. Osprey river raft shuttle in the clear river ; River bamboo fence cottage, nestled in the green leaves, the house is like, dogs bark. Reflection mapping underwater, color paved riverbed. River water emergency, crystal clear, the fish swim in water, distinctly visible, he could feel the whitecaps, gentle breeze. Boat or rafting down the mountain with the water transfer, partner boat trip, three curved % off, the boat scene change. Afar, mountain darkly ; near to, vista, the waves beat clothes, but also scared also glad boat in the river upstream, midstream in painting, refreshing, comfortable inexplicable. Coastal features dazzling spectacle after another, sailing stones, Yuping Mountain, Niang Stone, God like water, Kazuma drink river, Monkey King Zuiwo aloes Village, General Horse Riding Tianmen town...... mix, Vivid, vivid, fun, so that visitors clap wow, amazing, Dayton are: return ZiJiang not swim the river feeling.

River rafting boats sailing capital segment, boating on both sides of the venue and access to capital Jiang Tian door area. Stop and looked up, the whole peaks standing up, bamboo Cong, Red trees, pavilions, natural scenery, cultural landscape integration, unique. North, to climbing cliffs, carved in 1098 picked up the artificial stone steps and on board the 627 meters above sea level, surrounded knifed Fu Xiao, everlasting, Guilin trekking tours never deserted to the gods Walled top. Can enjoy authentic mountain virgin forest, but also overlooking overlooking the east, north and south of the capital river landscape. West, and on the hillside Yashi feet, suddenly Taishou, Dayton see huge pinnacle from top to bottom has been cut in half, forming a 184 m wide and less than 2 meters, 50 meters high rock crevices, and this is all working so that visitors intriguing west Sky. East, into the first trough - resources all flowers Valley. Mountain peaks along a quiet lane confrontation between circled, can be heard thousands of odd drug Yi Cao Reiki can ask intertwined vines of dry Guteng old, the pleasant gurgle outflow, Ding Dong rhyme Xianquan can listen Youlin birds chirp of music, through the east sky, the day ridge, under the ladder, overlooking amidst mountains, full absorption reached the pleasant fresh air, shed all the way to laughter, reluctantly to Zijiang promised: Goodbye.

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