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Guilin tour sights

Li River Folk Custom Park (attractions2) 2016-7-13
Jade Dragon Beach (attractions2) 2016-7-3
Dalingshan Taoyuan (attractions2) 2016-6-12
Sons Rock (attractions2) 2016-6-5
Red Creek (attractions2) 2016-4-25
Yunfeng Temple (attractions2) 2016-4-3
Huaping Level Ground (attractions2) 2016-3-16
Longji Terrace (attractions2) 2016-3-10
Rock Hill Bottom Cottage (attractions2) 2016-2-10
Longmen Falls (attractions2) 2016-1-9
Leigong Tower (attractions2) 2016-1-2
Shijiaopen Doline Group (attractions2) 2015-12-26
Yuntai Temple (attractions2) 2015-12-17
Chunan Clubhouse (attractions2) 2015-12-7
Ping'an Village (attractions2) 2015-11-15
True Baoding (attractions2) 2015-9-17
Ancient Wood Cave (attractions2) 2015-9-3
Xicheng Walking Street (attractions2) 2015-7-31
Peach Blossom River (sight2) 2015-6-10
Xicheng Pedestrian Street (sight2) 2015-5-27
Sightseeing Slideway Group (sight2) 2015-5-19
Hongyan Village (sight2) 2015-5-11
Shenlong Water World (sight2) 2015-4-29
Garden Expo Park (sight2) 2015-4-9
Yueling Ancient Village (sight2) 2015-3-30
Baoding Waterfall (sight2) 2015-3-14
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street (sight2) 2015-3-6
Jingjiang Mausoleum (sight2) 2015-2-28
Lijiang Golf (sight2) 2015-2-23
Xingping Town (sight2) 2015-1-30
Two Rivers Four Lakes (sight2) 2015-1-24
Sanjiang (sight2) 2015-1-13
Crown Cave (sight2) 2015-1-5
Maozhou Island (sight2) 2014-12-12
Zizhou Park (sight2) 2014-11-13
Jinzhongshan Holiday Resort (sight2) 2014-10-28
Tengjiao Temple (sight2) 2014-10-12
Leading Mountain (sight2) 2014-10-8
Fubo Shengjing (sight2) 2014-9-28
Nanshan Ranch (sight2) 2014-9-22
Moon Hill (sight2) 2014-9-15
Longsheng Forest Park (sight2) 2014-9-6
Longsheng Hot Springs (sight2) 2014-8-26
Silver Cave Scenic Area (sight2) 2014-8-20
Fishing village (sight2) 2014-8-8
West Street (sight2) 2014-7-28
Shenlong Valley (sight2) 2014-7-21
Bajiaozhai (sight2) 2014-7-12
South Stream Park (sight2) 2014-7-5
Chuanshan Park (sight2) 2014-7-1
Reed Flute Cave (sight2) 2014-6-20
Qilin Mountain Scenic Area (sight2) 2014-6-5
Yueling Ancient Dwellings (sight2) 2014-5-29
Sheshan Ecological Village (sight2) 2014-5-22
Chenhongmou Ancestral Hall (sight2) 2014-5-14
Tianhu Lake (sight2) 2014-5-8
American Flying Tigers Ruins (sight2) 2014-4-30
Fengyu Rock (sight2) 2014-4-21
Zijiang Drifting (sight2) 2014-4-16
Chaoranpai Drifting (sight2) 2014-4-7
Merryland Golf (sight2) 2014-3-30
Silver Water Dongzhai (sight2) 2014-3-25
Longji Ancient Zhuang Village (sight2) 2014-3-21
Pingan Village Terraces (sight2) 2014-3-17
Nine Horse Painting Hill Canyon Rafting (sight2) 2014-3-12
Yangdi Scenery (sight2) 2014-3-10
Xingping (sight2) 2014-3-5
Aishan Village (sight2) 2014-2-28
Mountain Water Garden (sight2) 2014-2-26
Silver Cave (sight2) 2014-2-23
Shanshuihui Urban Spa (sight2) 2014-2-21
Xishan Scenic Area (sight2) 2014-2-18
Tower Hill (sight2) 2014-2-15
Lizongren Official Residence, Snow Lion Ridge (sight2) 2014-2-11
Sanjiangkou, Bindong Village (sight2) 2014-2-6
Camel Hill, Seven Star Park, Ancient Stone City, , (tour-2) 2014-1-27
Solitary Beauty Peak, South Sugar, Sovereign Hotel, , (tour-2) 2014-1-8
Shanshui Park, Shatian Pomelo, Sheng Yuan Hotel, , (tour-2) 2013-12-26
Guilin River Snail, Li Riverside Taro, Seven Star Park , (tour-2) 2013-12-19

Guilin, China's major tourist cities and historical and cultural city, she has a unique national scenic area, known as the world's most beautiful cities of life, is flashing in the motherland south, northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, a bright, Pearl . Municipality Xiangshan, Xiufeng, (high-tech) Seven, Diecai, Yanshan five city and Yangshuo, Lingui, Lingchuan, Hung Yen, Chonju, Lipu, Gongcheng, resources, Yongfu, Longsheng, guanyang, Pingle twelve counties, covers an area of ??27,809 square kilometers.

Guilin has a long history in Baojishan, Zengpiyan, chair rock, Sakyamuni rock, Osmanthus rock, wearing down the mountain rocks, etc., has now relics of ancient human remains. In 29 years (1940) Jan. located in Guilin, Guangxi provincial capital, after the liberation, the capital moved to Nanning, Guilin, municipalities, 98 menstrual State Council officially approved in September, Guilin and Guilin area officially merged into a new Guilin.

Guilin is a multi-ethnic region, Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao, Dong and dozens of ethnic groups, urban existing 476 million people.

Guilin "three little snow in winter," "Four Seasons Changchun", the annual average temperature is about 19 ¡æ. Winter Guilin, osmanthus blossoms, the city fragrance, the average temperature is about 15 ¡æ, the lowest but also super 8 ¡æ, so in this season travel, you simply dressed in spring, autumn, bring twelve warm winter clothes (in winter underwear is the best lightweight winter clothes, etc.), you can cope. Guilin spring and winter rainy season division is not very obvious, so the temperature difference is not large, the spring can be.

Guilin Travel Attractions
Li River
Longji terraced fields
Elephant Hill
Reed Flute Cave
Folded Brocade Hill
Mausoleum of Ming prince
Sun-Moon Towers
Lingqu Canal
Maozhou Island
Seven Star Park
Fubo Hill
Yuzi Sculpture Park
Jiangtou Ancient Village
Yaoshan Mountain
Palace of Ming Prince
Guilin Gui Opera
Fengyu Cave
Two Rivers and Four Lakes
Yueling Ancient Village
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Daxu Ancient Town
Merryland Golf
Silver Cave
Gaotian Village
Fuli Town
Yulong River
Xingping Village
Impression Liusanjie
Longmen Water Cave
Crown Cave
Fengyu Cave
Yuzi Sculpture Park
Gudong Scenic Region
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